Monday, October 29, 2007

US National County Map

All of Our State, County, Globe and Canada Maps are Up

We have completed pushing up all our eps maps. All done. Today we finished loading up the eps state, state county, world globes and our Canadian province maps. Lots of maps to choose from.

With our new site we will now be able to launch new maps as we complete them. Stay tune for some more European countries. But overall our collections in a single download model are up and ready to go.

And remember that all of our maps are completely editable, including the counties, states, countries, and text. All text is live and easy to edit.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Adobe Illustrator EPS USA Maps

We've been busy of the last couple of weeks getting more of our maps loaded up on the site. PowerPoint maps are done and now we are moving on the the Adobe Illustrator eps maps. The World projections maps are up, including, Mercator and Robinson projections, plus many more. All editable and compatible with Flash.
The past weekend we put up the USA maps, including USA with all states, USA with Canada or Mexico, plus a couple of North America/USA, Canada, Mexico maps.
All maps are in color and are editable, text is live and can be edited. All of our eps maps are compatible with Flash.

World Projection Maps with Country Names

Newest map to our collection is a updated World Mercator Projection map with editable countries and names. Now you can set up your world wide presentations with the names of all of the major countries. Text is live, countries are individual elements that can be colored or edited as need be. In PowerPoint ready to go.