Friday, October 15, 2010

Easy of Working with Our Editable PowerPoint Maps

We had a nice comment today from a customer that need to do a lot of customizing on one of our maps. They also need to duplicate the map for a book as well as the web. They bought one of our PowerPoint maps and then we sent along the matching Illustrator map for their designer. We got this comment back.


I am having fun working with the map I just ordered!  You have done a very
good job designing it and making it easy to use.

Thank you for the attached file, I'll forward it to my illustrator.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Overview Video for Our Editable PowerPoint, Royalty Free Clip Art Maps for Presentations

Royalty free, downloadable, editable clip art maps, perfect for setting up sales and marketing presentations, showing sales territories, office locations, defining regions and project progress. Maps are also great for illustrations, websites, education, school projects, home schooling and scrapbooking.

Includes a full range of World maps, USA maps, 50 US States plus territory maps, 50 State County maps, Canada maps and Provinces maps, World Regional maps with editable countries, over 90 individual countries including United States maps, Canada maps, United Kingdom maps, India map, Australia map, and many more.

Each immediately downloadable states, county, or country map, is an individual element that can be easily edited, modified, customized, resized, changed, colored however you like or deleted, group or setup a custom map. All text blocks are live text that can be edited and changed. Easy to make a blank or printable maps for schoolor other projects, just remove the color. All maps come loaded right in a PowerPoint slide for easy editing and work with all the PowerPoint tools. Our editable clip art maps work with all version of PowerPoint on PCs or Macintosh, and with Apple's Keynote presentation software

You can see all of our new How to Edit our PowerPoint maps videos on our editablemaps YouTube Channel