Monday, December 31, 2007

Quite the Winter for Colorado Travelers

As reported by the Associated Press today about 2000 travelers are stranded along I-70 in Colorado in Red Cross shelters because of a threat of avalanches closeing the highway. With winds approaching 70 miles an hours snow has drifted in to about two dozen ravines in the mountains along the road, in what is called avalanches chutes. Crews were planning to use low-power explosives on the snow to try opening up the highway. Quite a way to start the year off.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nigeria Map Added to the Collection

We just finished drawing Nigera and have added it to our collection. Nigeria is located on the western side of Africa and gets us started working on a new continent.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

World Maps with Names Improved

One of our popular world maps is our Mercator World Projection with Names. We have just updated this map to make it easier to use. Each country has been colored to make it easier to find and change. As with all of our PowerPoint maps each country or state is an individual element that can be changed or customized. Also all of our type is live and can be edited, moved or deleted. Great for presentations and for assigning territories the MapsforDesign collection is an effective tool for your next project.

Keep Up to Date with New Russia PowerPoint and EPS Map

We have completed several new maps recently which we are excited about. One of our newest is a map of Russia. We have been wanting to do this map for a long time but had just to many other projects going on. Now complete, the new map is available in PowerPoint and EPS for Adobe Illustrator. Both maps contain the Russian administrative districts and are completely editable with all elements objects and all type live.
The PowerPoint maps contains both just a map of the country and a map with the surrounding countries. This is great for setting up your next presentation.