Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Editable Europe Regional World Map, PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator

Europe editable map from our World of Maps collection. Each country and block of text is editable and can be change in PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. A great map for setting up a territory for a sales region or to edit to show office locations. Countries can be pulled out and enlarged to make a special group.

Each PowerPoint map set comes with the first slide containing land and text, the second slide has just the land and the third has all of your text in case you delete some by mistake. Make sure you check out all of our How to Edit Video located on or sites. To see all of our maps on our subscription site check out www.bjdesign.com

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Public Map from Cannon Ski Mountain

From the top of Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire a reader sent us this cool photo of their ski map. Outside and in all its snowiness. So keep them coming we love to see how maps are used out in the world. Have you ever seen Cannon, it is like a straight drop down, it is where Bodi Miller called home.

To see all of our editable maps check out www.bjdesign.com