Monday, April 28, 2008

Are All of the Countries Represented in the World Maps?

> RECENT QUESTION: I noticed the domestic maps appear to be
> comprehensive. What are the world maps like? Are all countries
> represented, and can they be broken down in the same manner as the
> U.S. maps? Appears to be a great product.
Rego Park, New York

Hi and thank you for coming to our website and for your question. Yes
we do have several world maps with individual countries in them,
including a Mercator Projection and a Robinson project. One of the
Mercator maps also has country names on it. One of our favorites for
setting up world sales or product territories

Along with our world maps are regional maps with individual countries
that can be customized. We also have 42 major country maps with each
one broken down by administrative district. All of the countries,
states or country PowerPoint maps have individual elements that can be
edited and customized.

thank you for visiting, please let me know if you have additional

bruce jones

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How large can your maps be printed without loosing clarity of the image?

Customer Questions: How large can your maps be printed without loosing clarity of the image? Tracy

Hi Tracy, thank you for visiting our site and for our question. If you are using our Adobe Illustrator maps then you can blow them up as large as you want. Illustrator files are vector files. If you are looking for nooks and crannies then they will get less but the quality of the line will remain sharp and clear.

If you are using our PowerPoint maps they are also vector and can be blown up. We have customers that enlarge them to make larger maps for presentations.

Our JPG maps are bit mapped and do loose resolution at they enlarge.

As always the quality does depend on the printer. We also have lots of samples that you can download and test.

thank you again for stopping by
bruce jones

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Question on Using Maps on a Web Site

Question on inserting a part of a map into a web page?

Do you know how I can insert one part of a map into a web page. Each state has 3 parts, full map with names, map, and just names. I only want one page in my web. Any ideas? I am very new to power point.

Hi Tammy, Each of our PowerPoint Maps come with a least three slides, Text and Land, just Land and just the Text, this gives you a lot of options. What I would do is to customize which ever map works best for your project. Then delete the other slides. You can do this under the EDIT pull down menu, select DELETE on the slide you want to delete, and then save the file as a JPG file-this is one of the options available to you in the SAVE AS command under the FILE menu. You will now have a jpg file that can go into your web page or into Photoshop to be saved as a GIF file for your site. You just want to watch the size of the file, but this is how you can get a pretty decent map out of PowerPoint. You can also give me a call and I can try walking you through the process.

Give us your questions, we love to help.

Question on Coloring a Country?

A recent question on coloring a country:

Okay, dumb question here. I have a county map and I changed some counties to no fill (white) and I need to change them to another color, it won’t let me highlight county now. Help!

Hi Tam,
You should be able to select them by clicking on the border of the country with your pointer. Then you can fill using the paint bucket fill in the pop up menu in drawing bar along the bottom. You might also have to send the county that is next to it to the back because it is actually sitting behind that one. The arrange function for SENDING TO BACK is in the DRAW popup menu all the way to the left on the drawing bar. You should now be able to click on the line of the county that you want and give it some color.

Please contact us with your questions, glad to help