World Projection Maps

The World of Maps carries a large collection of downloadable, editable, royalty free PowerPoint maps. Perfect for presentations, sales and marketing, graphic design, illustrations, web sites, education. All the elements in the maps can be changed, colored, text edited, added to, deleted in any manner you need. Collections includes World Projections, US and Canada, US States, US Counties, World Regions, over 120 World Countries, and Globes. Maps can be downloaded immediately from anywhere. You can buy just one or one of our collections.

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Editable World Projection Maps from the World of Maps collection

World Projections Maps, Mercator Projection map with individual countries and names, Robinson Projection map with individual countries, Continent maps with longitude and latitude, Sinosouidal 6 Point Projection "the orange peel map." All are editable in any version of MS PowerPoint.

Our editable PowerPoint maps can be purchased and download individually at