Saturday, June 6, 2009, Join us on a tour of our World of Maps Clip Art Site our downloadable subscription map site. World of Maps at www.bjdesign is a collection of royalty free, Editable MS PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator clipart maps for sales and marketing presentations, illustrations, graphic design, education and websites. This large collection of easy to download clip art contains editable maps of the World, USA, States, County, Countries, World Regions, and Globes.

With over 90 country maps, detailed US County maps, US State Maps, World Projections, Globes, and World Regions, you have one of the best collections for building your presentations. Remember in all of our editable PowerPoint and Illustrator state or country that each element is an individual object that can be customized, changed, colored however you like. The maps are easy to customize and change. We also include jpg copies of each map in color and black/white outline. Plus a very extensive FAQ section with how to tips and videos for customizing our maps, describing how to color, add text, enlarge or reduce, build territories and more.

Our editable royalty free clip art maps are perfect for sales and marketing presentations, showing sales territories, advertising, graphic design, building maps for websites, anywhere a royalty free map is needed