Saturday, May 28, 2011

Editable Maps for Great Presentations

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation coming up where you need to show offices or territories, or locations on a map? Have you gone on line, pulled down a map on to discover that you can't edit it. You can't color in the states or counties or fix the text.

Well we have the solution, with our World of Maps editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator maps you can build successful presentations, reports, design projects, websites. World of Maps is a collection of editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator maps for building presentations, reports, graphic design, website and education. The maps are fully editable, with states, counties, countries, USA, World and continent regional maps.

Each map is fully editable, each country, county, state, is an individual object that can be colored, resized, moved around or even deleted. All text is live and can also be moved around. Perfect for making presentations, the maps come right in PowerPoint which almost everyone knows and is easy to email to your team.

Two ways to buy; a full collection or just an individual state or country.
You can learn more at and

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Enlarging a Map in PowerPoint, Easy to Do

We had an excellent question on printing out oversize maps from PowerPoint.

QUESTION: I would like to not only use your maps in my presentation, but also print them out on up to tabloid sized paper.  Can I do that?  Would it take a special software application?  Or can I print right out of PowerPoint onto tabloid.

OUR ANSWER: The answer is yes. All of our maps are in vector format and can be enlarged or reduced to whatever size you want. The best way to do this is to make up a larger PowerPoint slide, say 11x17inches and then copy the map into the slide and then enlarge it. Check out Document Setup to make a larger slide.

The key thing to remember here is to set up the slide first then copy the map in and enlarge it. If you try to enlarge a standard size slide with a map in it, it will become distorted, so make the slide large first then paste the map in and then enlarge. You will also need a larger format printer or plotter to print the map out.

We also have a good instructional video on this topic.

If you have Adobe Illustrator then it is also very easy to enlarge, check out for all of those maps

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who Is the World of Maps?

I am not sure we have introduced who we are, so I thought I would take this opportunity. The World of Maps is a collection of electronic, digital, editable, royalty free clip art maps for graphic design, presentations, illustrations, websites, scrapbooking, and education. The collections contains, world projections, US, States, Counties, World Regions, World Countries and Globes, they come in two editable formats including PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator and also in jpg format. We are owned by Bruce Jones Design Inc. and are sold on two main sites, and We also have a couple of distributors and sell our cds through is our subscription site, with two options, a $149.95 option of unlimited download and a $199.95 option of unlimited download and a back up CD-rom. A great site if you need lots of maps. is our other site that we set up for if you need just one or two maps for your project. Almost all the maps sell for $49.95, there are a few more, but most are at that price. And we only have PowerPoint maps on this site while has maps in PowerPoint, Illustrator and jpg format.

Our PowerPoint and Illustrator maps are fully editable, all elements can be change and customized. Our PowerPoint maps are very popular for business, and sales and marketing presentations for sales departments around the world. Great for setting up territory maps for sales people.

We have been selling our collections since 1990 when we first started drawing our maps. If you have questions you can call us at 781-255-7171 or email us at bruce (at) bjdesign (dot) com, we love to answer them

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Our main CD collection, Amazon affiliate link)
World of Maps Clip Art

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plotting Locations on PowerPoint Maps

A question we get a lot is about can you plot store locations, third party sites, sales offices etc. on our maps.

The answer is yes it is very easy. Our PowerPoint maps are fully editable and they are easy to color, add text, move stuff around. They make a great solution for sending out info on your locations. PowerPoint files email very easily and can be opened by almost anyone in the business world.

You can put little stars or boxes, color them, make them any size, they are easy to move around. If you need to add text, just use the text tool, type what you want, format it and then put it where you need.

Take a look at our How Do I Add Text to a PowerPoint Map video for some additional info. I am going to see if I can grab a moment and do an additional video on this topic.