Thursday, May 12, 2011

Plotting Locations on PowerPoint Maps

A question we get a lot is about can you plot store locations, third party sites, sales offices etc. on our maps.

The answer is yes it is very easy. Our PowerPoint maps are fully editable and they are easy to color, add text, move stuff around. They make a great solution for sending out info on your locations. PowerPoint files email very easily and can be opened by almost anyone in the business world.

You can put little stars or boxes, color them, make them any size, they are easy to move around. If you need to add text, just use the text tool, type what you want, format it and then put it where you need.

Take a look at our How Do I Add Text to a PowerPoint Map video for some additional info. I am going to see if I can grab a moment and do an additional video on this topic.

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