Saturday, May 28, 2011

Editable Maps for Great Presentations

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation coming up where you need to show offices or territories, or locations on a map? Have you gone on line, pulled down a map on to discover that you can't edit it. You can't color in the states or counties or fix the text.

Well we have the solution, with our World of Maps editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator maps you can build successful presentations, reports, design projects, websites. World of Maps is a collection of editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator maps for building presentations, reports, graphic design, website and education. The maps are fully editable, with states, counties, countries, USA, World and continent regional maps.

Each map is fully editable, each country, county, state, is an individual object that can be colored, resized, moved around or even deleted. All text is live and can also be moved around. Perfect for making presentations, the maps come right in PowerPoint which almost everyone knows and is easy to email to your team.

Two ways to buy; a full collection or just an individual state or country.
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