Monday, April 28, 2008

Are All of the Countries Represented in the World Maps?

> RECENT QUESTION: I noticed the domestic maps appear to be
> comprehensive. What are the world maps like? Are all countries
> represented, and can they be broken down in the same manner as the
> U.S. maps? Appears to be a great product.
Rego Park, New York

Hi and thank you for coming to our website and for your question. Yes
we do have several world maps with individual countries in them,
including a Mercator Projection and a Robinson project. One of the
Mercator maps also has country names on it. One of our favorites for
setting up world sales or product territories

Along with our world maps are regional maps with individual countries
that can be customized. We also have 42 major country maps with each
one broken down by administrative district. All of the countries,
states or country PowerPoint maps have individual elements that can be
edited and customized.

thank you for visiting, please let me know if you have additional

bruce jones

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