Friday, May 2, 2008

Video on Coloring Land on County Map

How to Video on how to change a map color when it is part of a Grouped County Map.

1. Click on a single map say Ohio, Ungroup it, you will see that you now have two groups, text and land. Don't need to Ungroup any further.

2. Click in the ocean to De-Select the map

3. Click on just the Ohio counties to select the land and then choose a new color from the Drawing Tool Bar

4. Once the color has been changed, drag around the entire state with your pointer to Reselect the two groupings, the text and the land and Regroup them together, that will keep that state whole and a single unit until you are ready to do something new.

5. Do the process for each state. Ungroup, change land color, Regroup.

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