Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Question on Using Maps on a Web Site

Question on inserting a part of a map into a web page?

Do you know how I can insert one part of a map into a web page. Each state has 3 parts, full map with names, map, and just names. I only want one page in my web. Any ideas? I am very new to power point.

Hi Tammy, Each of our PowerPoint Maps come with a least three slides, Text and Land, just Land and just the Text, this gives you a lot of options. What I would do is to customize which ever map works best for your project. Then delete the other slides. You can do this under the EDIT pull down menu, select DELETE on the slide you want to delete, and then save the file as a JPG file-this is one of the options available to you in the SAVE AS command under the FILE menu. You will now have a jpg file that can go into your web page or into Photoshop to be saved as a GIF file for your site. You just want to watch the size of the file, but this is how you can get a pretty decent map out of PowerPoint. You can also give me a call and I can try walking you through the process.

Give us your questions, we love to help.

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