Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Add Text to a PowerPoint Map Slide

How to Video showing how to add text to a PowerPoint clipart state or county map slide.

To add text select the TEXT INSERTION tool in the DRAWING TOOL BAR, usually located along the bottom of your slide window. Click anywhere on the slide and begin typing.

Use the FORMATING PALLET or the pull down menus at the top or your screen to customize with fonts, size, and color. Text blocks can be moved around the screen by clicking, holding and dragging on the grey box that surrounds the text. This box is visible after you have clicked on the text.

To delete a text box, select is with the pointer and then click on the gray box surrounding the type. Hitting the DELETE key on your keyboard will delete the text.

Our maps can be completely edited in PowerPoint. Every state, county, country or text block is an individual editable element. They can be colored, customized, move or deleted elements as you want. PowerPoint has a very nice collection of editing and drawing tools, located either along the bottom or along the side of your screen.


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