Thursday, June 5, 2008

USA Map to Track the Election

Question: I want to get a US map of the 50 states that I can download
and that I can color to show which states are likely to go Republican
in November, which are likely to go Democratic and which are "swing"
states. What do you have?

Answer: thank you for visiting our site and for your question. We have
two editable USA maps in PowerPoint that would work for you. The
difference is one has two letter state names and the other has the full
name. Both are fully editable with each state an individual element
that you can color using the fill bucket in the Drawing Bar. For the
swing states you can use the pattern fill in the paint bucket and
choose a two color pattern. Should work just fine. Click on the link
below to review the maps

Just register on the site and order the map. You will be able to
download it right after the order form processes.

Any questions please contact me and I can help
thank you, bruce jones

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