Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Do I Plot a Lot of Data on a Map?

Hi all, this is a question I get pretty regularly. The questions goes like, I have a database of information, maybe some sales or marketing data, and I want to plot it on a map. Can I do this with your maps?

The answer is yes of course. But then the question goes deeper with, I have a lot of data, then the answer goes to maybe. Our maps are great for setting up basic sales territories, or plotting where your offices are located, where your customers come from, etc. They are easy to use, and color and add info. You can easily pull out states or countries to highlight a region. Use the stock shapes that come with PowerPoint to add locations. Our customers love our maps for their nice simple ease of use.

But if you have a lot of material then doing this kind of thing by hand becomes a real drag. That is when you need to move up to the bigger programs. Programs like Territorymapper or real big applications like Mapinfo. These programs allow you to take your database or excel spread sheet and plot it automatically over a map. Saving you tons of time and also allowing you to update and do analysis as you need.

Many of our customers use both our maps and the bigger programs. They need to do something quick or maybe the overview USA slide or World slide, they turn to our maps. And then to show the drill down of detail, the nitty gritty stuff, they go to one of these big guys. We love customers to buy our maps for their projects, but sometime it is just better to use a product that is more designed for massive amounts of information.

Here are some of the more popular programs on the market.
A Windows based desktop application to help design territories. This is the one we recommend the most. It is affordable and it seems to show up more than others with positive reviews.
A business mapping software for site selection, sales territory alignment planning and Market analysis
Maponics specializes in custom mapping services and GIS data for businesses.

MS MapPoint,
Gives you the power to visualize business data, communicate insights with instant impact, and integrate maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office.
A very powerful desktop mapping application for sales and marketing data. This is one of the big guys in this area

We love you to use our maps, but sometimes they just don't fit and in that case there are lots of options.

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