Monday, September 6, 2010

12 New How-to Videos for MapsforDesign Editable PowerPoint Maps

We have been quiet but quite busy lately here at the World of Maps. We have been redoing all of our How-To Videos for editing and customizing our editable PowerPoint Maps for Reworking each one to clean it up, update for PowerPoint 2007, and give everyone better instructions one how to do the different tasks. It has taken a while but we are done and they are now up on YouTube and will shortly be up on the instruction page.

Some of the thing we did were simplified each video-"One Video/One Idea, aka Ed Dale," rewrote the YouTube and website text, new graphics, consistent look across all videos, beefed up the keyword research for better tags and helping customers find what they need, improved the titles and really worked enhancing the YouTube page. The goal was to have it all done for Labor day so that we can turn the videos over to our web master and he can connect them all to the site. Over the next couple weeks we will post each one here also.

You can visit the YouTube channel at and see all the new videos

Let us know what you think and are some more videos we should be pulling together.

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Bill said...

Most people don't know how to edit maps in Powerpoint, so this is an excellent resource for small business.