Sunday, December 5, 2010

World of Maps Holiday Gift and Products Shop

We have pulled together some of our more popular Country Maps and turned them into products. This video shows you a quick overview of what we have.

We have been getting a great response from our World of Maps gift and product store this holiday season, the designs include: World of Maps Designs, Canada with Maple Leaf, Canada with Map and Maple Leaf, Germany Map with Flag, England Map with Flag, United Kingdom Map with Flag, Spain Map with Flag, France Map with Flag,  Deutschland Map with Flag

We have tons for items that you can pick up the include:  t-shirts, v-neck t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirts, men and women, fitted t-shirts, toddler t-shirt, sweatshirt, boxes shorts, thong underwear, mouse pad, electric wall clock, journal, throw pillows, keepsake box, framed tile, mug, large mug, apron, Sigg water bottle, dog t-shirt, pet bowl, magnets, calendar, tote bag, messenger bag, gym bag, beach bag

You can visit the store at

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