Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Do I Download My Map?

We received a call today for a customer on our www.MapsForDesign.com site. He was buying a map PowerPoint Georgia County Map and couldn't quite figure out how to download the map and had a couple of questions on customizing it. The download link is just below the name of the map on the invoice form, but sometimes it doesn't seem to stand out and people give a call. We helped him and actually to get it there quickly I just emailed the map back to him. I received a nice email back from the customer and wanted to share it, I asked and he gave permission.


Very nice experience,

I was able to color code the counties, dropped the major cities andhighways right on top, Just what I wanted to do. Really appreciated you sending me the ppt. When I called, I was hoping I would get the kind of service you provided but I was also doubtful it would happen. Thank you!


I replied back,

Hi Dick, thank you very much for the follow up and the comments, I work hard at the customer service side and at making our maps useful.

thank you very much


And one final message

Sure - deserve it. I have not had a real positive experience with purchasing these kinds of services over the net. You did everything advertised and provided personal service back up. Thanks again.


We love getting calls from our customers, and we love answering questions.

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