Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Removing the Instruction Box on Our PPT Maps

We had a good question about the instruction block on our editable PowerPoint maps. We put it there to get you going and using our maps but sometimes not everyone knows how to delete it. I thought I would lay it out here.

1. Click on the text with your pointer/curser to select it, this allows you to edit the text, this also selects the text box

2. Then move the mouse curser over to the blue line that is running around the outside after you select it. This line is also connected to the 8 dots that you see when an object is selected.

3. Click on that line with the pointer, you can then do two things, click and hold and move the box around the screens or hit the Delete key on your keyboard and it will Delete.

This is the same thing you will do to color a county or block of text, click on it to select it and then change colors, or to edit or remove a county name

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