Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not Every Customer Works Out But We Love to Help

We had a customer over the last couple of days from Thailand who eventually we figured out was looking for a wall map and not an electronic map. But because of time difference, language and just not sure what they were looking for we sold them a CD-ROM of our maps. We had emails, missed phone calls in the middle of the night, everything. We finally connected today and were able to figure out what the customer wanted. We refunded the CD and gave them as much info as we could figure out of where to go. Suggesting looking for maps from our competitors, from sites in Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. It truly is a global world. Customers come from all over and we are glad to pick up the phone and just talk. All in the day of a global web based business. Sometimes the world is really pretty small.

"Hello Bruce Jones,

Thank you very much for your good support and suggestion. I’m really sorry to make you lose time.
If I have any job that concern about your software, I happy to contact you and buy your software again."
Brake&Fuel Cost Analyst Asia Pacific
TI Automotive (Thailand) Ltd.

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