Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are publishing a book on our travels in the US can we use your maps to illustrate?

Today's question on use of our royalty free maps.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your question. No problem at all. Our maps are royalty free and can be used in publications or for building a web site. No additional cost involved once you make the initial purchase.

If you only need a couple of maps then the site will work great. If you need lots, like each state, we also have a subscription site where you can download any and all of our maps for $149.95 for a year of access. Take a look at

This would save you some money if you need more than three or so. You can also purchase the CD-Rom.

I would also check what you need to edit the maps. Publications usually want eps files from Adobe Illustrator so you would use our editable eps format maps and customize them in Illustrator. But you would need Adobe Illustrator on your computer.

You can also do some of this in PowerPoint and save the files as jpg, this is sort of the cheap way of doing it. I would check with your publisher first on how they want the graphics. Either way we have lots of maps that would work and they are ready to go.

thank you for asking and if you have any questions please contact me

bruce jones

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