Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wondering if you are able to offer an editable maps of the United Kingdom by Postal District

> We get this question on and off about zip and postal code maps, this
> one is from the United Kingdom.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your question. We haven't drawn
any maps along postal district lines, they are much tougher to deal
with and change quite often and aren't requested that often. Also there
isn't any readily available source for the info like there is for
county and country maps.

I usually recommend people to www.creativeforceinc.com and also to

www.zipcodemaps.com, but I don't think they have powerpoint maps and am
not sure about maps for the UK, but they are a place to start. If you
are using Adobe Illustrator you can also check out

www.mapresources.com, they have some 3 digit postal maps Getting this
kind of info especially for countries other than the US is often quite
hard. It took a year to get the license from your government for the UK
district administration map that we sell.

I might also check out www.mapinfo.com they are the main company for
plotting data on a map for major consumer companies analyzing their
marketing efforts. They do go down to the street level and zip and
postal codes play a much bigger roll in that area. Also check out

www.territorymapper.com, they are a cheaper alternative that many of my
customers use.

I might also check with your local county planning board, they very
often have electronic maps for city planning and it might work for your

hope this help, bruce jones

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