Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Global Editable Map for a Publication

Customer Question: We need a Global Editable Maps for our Publication
We are producing an academic journal for our organization. We produce two issues a year in A4 format. We are considering a new cover for the journal and one possibility is to use your Pacific Global projection, in colour. We might need to edit it slightly, though this is difficult to tell until I see it in larger format. What I need to know at this stage is what would it cost to purchase the rights to use this image twice a year as our cover. And would you need an acknowledgement, maybe inside the front cover?
Thank you for your help

MFD Answer: Hi, thank you for looking at our products and for your question. Our editable maps are royalty free and once you purchase them you can use them on your projects with out any additional costs. We have versions of our maps in Adobe Illustrator that can be customized as you need. If you don't have Illustrator many folks use our Powerpoint versions and save them as jpg files and then they can be converted to .tif for print. I would recommend using the eps
illustrator versions for your print work, you will get a sharper crisper image.

Please check out for the map.
Hope this help, contact me if you have questions

bruce jones

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