Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part 2. How to Color a US State PowerPoint Map to Set up a Sales or Marketing Map

Once you have a state or country selected, (remember you do this by clicking on the state with the mouse pointer) choose a color from the Fill Bucket in the Drawing Tool Bar usually located along the bottom of the PowerPoint slide or on one side.

Or choose a color from the Colors, Weights and Fills option in the Format Palette. If you don’t see it, this Palette it is located in the VIEW pull down menu.

On the new PowerPoint 2007 the fill options are located up at the top in the ribbon, Click on the Colors Button in the Design Tab in the Themes group. The Design Tab appears when an object is selected. Select your color

You can view this video and all of our How to Customize our Editable PowerPoint Map Videos at www.mapsfordesign.com or www.bjdesign.com

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