Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pacific Rim Map from the US to Japan and Korea

Customer Questions: I am looking for a EPS format map showing the entire Pacific Rim, needs to include west coast of U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Far East, Japan, Korea, China, and also the South Pacific.  Do you have such a map?  If so whats the cost and can I see it?

Answer: We don't have an actual Pacific Rim map but we do have a number of world projection maps in Adobe Illustrator that could be easily edited. I have attached a jpg picture of one, Because you are working in Illustrator (eps) you could easily move the pieces around, and cut off the parts of the map you don't need.  We also have a world projection map with Australia in the center and it is basically a Pacific Rim map.

You can check out all of our maps at, the cost is $149.95 for unlimited download of everything.

Please see attached and let me know if you have any questions on what we offer.

Here is the actual page  for our World Projection maps on our site for you to review, just scroll down to see all of the maps.

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