Friday, January 15, 2010

Using World of Maps for Slide Presentations

Customer Question: I am interested in the World of Maps for slide presentations on travels. Have a iMac. Will it work. I am look specificially for INDIA, NEPAL, BHUTAN, TIBET?

Answer: Thank you for visiting our site and for your question. Yes you will be able to use our maps with your iMac. We have three formats. So if you have PowerPoint or Keynote then you can use the PowerPoint ones and edit and customize all you want.

If you have Adobe Illustrator then the eps maps would work and you can custom the maps

And if you have neither of these you can use the jpg versions of the maps. The jpgs will go into iPhoto or any photo editing program you might have such as Adobe Photoshop. And if you don't have a photo editing program other than iPhoto then you could use an online one like Picnik to edit and customize

All of these formats come included for the one price on or subscription site or if you just need a single map then check out, or individual site.

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