Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Does a Better Job Than Map Quest! - Slate Article

"She Does a Better Job Than Map Quest!"Wonderful hand-drawn maps from firefighters, club-hoppers, Boy Scout dads, grandmothers, and Alexander Calder.

Julia Turner

"Last month, I asked Slate readers to send me their hand-drawn maps. The request was part of my series on signs, the tools that professionals use to orient us and direct us from point A to point B. But official signs aren't the only things that help us get around. Since early man first drew on his cave wall—including marks that some scholars argue were maps of local rivers and settlements—we've been sketching out routes to guide one another to the market and to the mountain top. "
Read more of this cool article sent to us by one of our readers at the on line magazine Slate . . .

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