Friday, May 7, 2010

United Kingdom Editable Printable PowerPoint Maps

Great Britain is in the news lately because of their recent election. so I thought this would be a good couple of maps to show from our collection.

We have two United Kingdom maps. One is a general Great Britain map including Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. This map also includes Ireland. This maps has a general breakdown of their administrative districts. We also have a much more detailed UK map showing all of the administrative districts or the counties. This map took a long time to draw and a longer time to find a source for. We ended up licensing it from the Ordinance Department in Britain. I think this department is kind of like our USGS department or something similar. But it is a cool map. Both are available at our websites.

If you are traveling to Great Britain, check out Rick Steves's Great Britain book available at Amazon. I watch his PBS travel shows all the time.

Both of these maps are available in PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator.

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