Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zip Code Boundary Maps, Do You Sell Them?

We get this question now and then on if we sell zip code maps on our download editable map sites. The answer is no, but we usually refere people over to a couple of places that do carry them.

Do you guys sell zip code boundary maps? I can't seem to find them? or Can one display data on your maps

The answer is unfortunately no, our maps are very simple and easy to edit and customize but we don't have any ability to display data or to show zip codes. Folks love what we have but zip code maps are a level or two above what we carry. We do have a very nice collection of editable county maps in a couple of different ways that are great for highlighting marketing data and work very well.

If the customer is a marketing person then I usually send them over to look at If they have lots of money then I usually say look at, they are the biggies in this area. If the questions comes more from a delivery, transportation directions then I say to look at Either of these sites can be very helpful.

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