Monday, July 23, 2012

Map Monday Video • US National Country Map with Names in PowerPoint

It is time for our Map Monday Video so on to a question that came into our comment box, people send us all kinds of questions and we love to get them.

Today's question comes a viewers boss and the question is do you have an editable national US County PowerPoint map with all of the names listed on the map.

So they're asking about our USA National County editable PowerPoint map. This is the map the entire national US County editable PowerPoint map. This map is in PowerPoint and it has all the counties in United States all 3120 of them and also has all of their names on it.

So lets bring that map up here in PowerPoint so you can see that. So this is a fully editable National US map of all the counties in PowerPoint, all 3120 of them in United States. So if I click on it let's say the state of Maine, lets zoom in here and I can select this state and go to my formatting palette and choose another color. We can change this orange color to say a yellow color. I still have the entire state grouped so it all changes to one color, but everything in this state is a separate editable County. The state of Maine is made up of individual county maps and I can go and ungroup it in PowerPoint and work each individual county. I go to the draw toolbar and I can just click right here and I can now see all the individual counties are separate objects. I can color each individual object and fill it with its own color.

So that's what people are asking about, that can they change these things, are they editable but what they are really looking for is are there names on all of these counties. Because this is a big map with a lot of names and a lot of counties and they wanted to go in there and find their specific County and make the changes. So yes we have a US national County map with all the usual counties and that we also have a version with names on it. The name version isn't on the site but we can send you that our version if you purchase of the regular County map. It is a pretty big file so we just email it to you rather than set up for download like all the others.

So not only can you change all the individual counties and the colors but also the text you just have to ungroup it is we have it group by state can keep it organized. Each one of those names can be change, formatted differently, deleted or moved around or whatever it is you want to do.

Here is the link for the actual map on

We have lots of customers go in and customize this map especially when they have a need for a general territory map that's crossing state lines. There are much more sophisticated maps out there that are tied to a database, we don't have that. Our map is all done by hand but it works pretty well when you need to set up a basic territory map.
We also have individual state county maps in PowerPoint.

The slide package also includes a version of the map with names, without names, on a blank map with just names, and also a state outline map that can be laid on top to give you a nice borders.

For More Information, These maps are located on both of our sites on our subscription site our site for individual maps

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