Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Republic of Ireland Map produced for a customer

We had a request from on of our World of Maps customers from www.bjdesign.com for a PowerPoint map of Ireland for a customer who was setting up sales territories. We have included that map in our Great Britain map all along but didn't have it as a separate map. Not sure why that happen, but sometimes things get over looked. The customer asked about an individual one, so easy enough to make up. I took the Great Britain map and deleted the UK parts and then enlarged the Ireland side, fixed the text a little and there you are. Our maps are pretty flexible and easy to change. Once done I sent the map off to the UK for the customer. We received back and very comment and I am glad to help.

Here is the comment, thank you very much, we love comments and we love finding out where we have holes in the collection. I will get this new map into the collection.

"Bruce, that's fantastic, thank you!
We use your maps every day when selling territories. Best maps we've ever bought!"


Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, editable PowerPoint Map

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