Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Make a Blank Canada Map in PowerPoint

We get asked this question fairly often on how to use our editable Powerpoint maps to make up blank map copy master for a school worksheet or presentation. It is real easy to do and this short video will take you through the steps

It is easy to make a blank, printable, outline Canada for marking up, coloring, school project, whatever you need from our royalty free downloadable PowerPoint clip art maps. Watch the video to learn how to take a basic World of Maps map, select it and change the colors to have a map with sharp, clean vector lines for your project. It is very easy to produce a clean blank printable map.

1. After purchasing and downloading our editable PowerPoint mapyou're your project, open it in PowerPoint. For our example we are using a Canada map.

2. Select the map with your pointer by clicking in the upper left corner of the slide and dragging the pointer over the entire map so that it is completely surrounded by the light blue field. Once you release you finger all the land will be selected. You can also do this by choosing Select All in the Edit pull down menu. You can also hold the SHIFT key and select each province individually.

3. Once everything is selected you can go to the Formatting Palette or up in the Ribbon -- Colors, Weights, and Fills and choose the Fill Bucket and fill the map with the color white. I like using the white fill instead of nothing because it is easier to select a province with color in it if you want to customize it later. If you have no fill you have to grab the line to select it, with a color fill you can click anywhere on the state to select it. That is it, you are ready to go, save it and print it, pretty easy.

4. If you group the map you can also resize it, (check out our enlarging and reducing video) and make a custom map.

5. I usually recommend removing the text first but if you don't then just hold down the shift key and select each state or county individually and then fill with color.

To see all of our How-To videos checkout the Instructional Video Page on our site:

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