Monday, June 3, 2013

USA National County Map with Editable Counties and Names for PowerPoint

View of our large 28" x 20" USA National County Map with the included PowerPoint slides.
USA National PowerPoint Editable County Map
One of our most popular editable PowerPoint maps is our USA National County Map. Available on site. This map is used by sales and marketing managers who want to set up a national county sales territory map with the big picture. This is a complicated map with over 3,000 counties, below are some tips for getting the most out of this map.

But we have a larger national county map that is 28" wide by 20" high. What we usually do is email this larger file to anyone who purchases the 17" x 11" map. Here is a link for the current PowerPoint USA National County map. I am going to work on getting the larger map up on shortly.

Some key tips to keep in mind when you purchase and use this map for your projects.
Grouping and UnGrouping - The county map is set up with each state's counties grouped together, and with their names set up as a group on top. Grouping and Ungrouping are very important when working with a map like this. I usually recommend that you customized one state at a time. You can pull a state out and paste it on a second slide, customize it and then put it back.

Selecting Several Counties at The Same Time - Your Shift key is your friend for grabbing several objects at the same time and setting up a sales or marketing territory. Click on the first county, push down your Shift key and then click on additional counties. Once they are selected you can add a fill color to make them all the same.

Selecting and Pulling Out Several States at The Same Time - The task is to select several states. It is usually easier with this map to delete what you don't want instead of trying to select what you do want. Once you have the surrounding states cleared out it is easy to grab the states you want.

Snap to Grid - On all of our maps the Snap to Grid has been turned off. The default in PowerPoint is that the Snap to Grid is turned on. The Snap to Grid is an invisible grid in the PowerPoint slide that helps you line objects up. What happens with our maps is if Snap to Grid is on and you pull out several counties from the big map, customize them and put them back, it can be tough to get them back all lined up from where they came out from. If the grid is off it is easy. This comes into play if you select one of our maps and paste it into another presentation the Snap to Grid will be on. To turn it off hold down the Control key on your keyboard and Right Click with your Mouse. You will see it as an option in the pop up window, just click it off.

We have put together a couple of videos on how to customize this map and set up a sales territory.
Working with a section of the map.
Setting up a Sales Territory map

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