Saturday, August 10, 2013

Editable PowerPoint Virginia County Map

We had a nice question come in about our editable PowerPoint maps, I made up a short video answer

Do the US county maps include main interstates and highways?  Can you enter more data in a specific county other than the county name?   My goal is to have a county map with county names, main highways/interstates, be able to color code the counties and add a number to each county.
Looking for a state county map with county names and main roads.

We have a nice collection of editable county maps. This short video highlights our Virginia editable county PowerPoint map and all of its features.

Our county maps include 4 slides, Land and Text, just the Land, just the Text and a fourth with the major interstates and cities. All element are editable and can be changed. You can learn more about our maps at

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