Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Split a State or Country in Half

Customer Question: Can I cut two States in half to show sales and marketing territories, is that possible with your editable PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator royalty free clip art?

Answer: Yes you can split a state in half. If you are using our Adobe Illustrator clip art it is pretty straight forward. You use the scissor tool and cut the lines, you then use the line tool and rejoin the parts and fill them.

If you are using PowerPoint it isn’t possible to cut the state border lines, but we have figured out two work arounds for this. We have set up a web site with How to Videos where this is explained, also if you sign up for our Tips lessons you can download the How to Book.

If you go to this site :

To put it simply you can split the state but you can make it look like you did by overlaying a piece of the state on top of the existing state and coloring it. With simple outline states like Colorado you can just trace the border with the drawing tool. With more complex state outlines like California you copy the state and then nibble away the points with the edit points tool. Add a new color, lay it on top and to the viewer it looks like the state has been split in half.

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