Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Maps are Great for Making Blank, Printable, Outline Maps

We get this question from customers all the time,
so we pulled together a short video on the topic:

Can your maps be used for making a blank, printable, outline map
and will the lines be sharp and clear?

Watch the video above to see the demonstration.

Our maps work great for producing blank outline maps. Our editable
maps print out of either PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator with nice
sharp clean lines because all of the objects are produced with
vector lines. No bitmap lines here. The maps are easy to make,
just select the entire map and fill with white. I usually recommend
adding white because you can then select an individual state if you
want without trying to grab the line.

So change the fill to white, adjust your line weight if you want,
enlarge or reduce to the correct size and print.
Depending on your printer you can also scale to any size.

Whether you are using our Editable PowerPoint maps or our Adobe
Illustrator clip art maps, it is easy to produce a clean blank
printable outline map.

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