Thursday, May 21, 2009

Copyright and Using Clip Art Maps in a Book

Customer Question
I work for a Korean publishing company and would like to use one of your maps in our book. Does ordering the CD-Rom map for $199.95 clear all the copyrights problem? Is there a need to credit the map in usage? Also, can we use your map again later in other publications as well, or are we supposed to contact you for each usage? It'll be very helpful if you can let us know about these questions. Thank you! World of Maps Answer
Thank you for your visit and for your question. Our maps are used all the time in publications, book, magazine, etc. The maps are royalty free and you can use them in your publications today and tomorrow and into the future as much as you want. You do not need to give any credit and we do not need to be notified and there are no additional payments for usage. The maps are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint, we also just completed latest upgrade, version 8.0 with 40+ new country maps and many other updates so there is a lot to choose from for your projects. Send us a link when you are done with your project, we would love to see the end result.

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