Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Setting Up A Clickable Map on a Web Site

Customer Question
I am building a web site that needs a USA map that once a state is clicked on counties show up, then I need to click on a county and have a page showing suppliers to show up. Do you have a map that will let me do this?

World of Maps Answer
Thank you for your question. The basic answer is yes. We have all of the map elements needed to build a drill down map. Starting with the top level USA maps and then each state or county to follow up. One of the ways to build this on your site is to make an image map with hot zones. This is usually done using your web authoring program. You would highlight with a tool the outer edge of each state and then assign it a link. The link then goes to a new page with the new information. You can see all of our maps at www.bjdesign.com

The other way people do this is with Flash, which is an animation program from Adobe. Our illustrator maps will work with Flash. There are also some good companies out there you could look at that have developed packages for this, you might want to check them out. http://www.flashmaps.com, http://www.flashimap.com/ and http://www.maps4.com/index.html.

I am not sure which way you are going. We have nice collection of illustrator maps that can be easily customized if you are going in the image map method, and if you know Flash then I would look at the companies above.

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