Friday, May 1, 2009

Selecting Little Individule Countries in Our World Maps

We were just asked a question about selecting some of the little tiny countries in our world maps so that they can be colored.

Answer. The easiest way is to use the zoom feature of PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator, 300% seems to work pretty well. Zoom in and select with the a click of your pointer. Once selected the country can be colored or changed

If you are using a map with names on it, it is often easiest to just move the name out of the way and then select the country with your pointer.

And a third way is to drag your pointer over or around the country. Holding down the mouse button and drag around the country your want to select. You will see dotted lines appear on the screen and this tells you that what is inside of them will be selected. In PowerPoint you have to go all around the object to select it, but if you just cross over border nothing will happen. In Illustrator an object will be selected if any part of the dragging mouse pointer goes over the edge.

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