Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 How-to-Lessons on Editing PowerPoint Maps

We have finally filled out our How-to-Customize your PowerPoint maps
email lessons. We now have 10 lessons that flow out on a regular basis
to subscribers. Containing, how-tos, tips and hints on getting the
most our of your editable PowerPoint maps. So make sure you sign up on
our blogs and get on the list.

We received a very nice comment on the lessons from one of our
subscribers, it is always great to receive feedback, thank you.

> Dear Bruce,
> Thank you for the tutorial.  I will need this in the next few months
> as we change territories within the US maps.  So thank you so much. 
> As I start to work on this and if I find it difficult to follow the
> instructions I will call you.
>  I'm still grateful for fixing the immediate issues I had last week.
> Thank you so much.

I answered like this: thank you very much for the comments, I am glad
the lessons are helping. I am also glad to help if you get stuck. Feel
free to call or contact me.

thank you, bruce

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