Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bosina, Georgia, Kyrgystan, Ukraine new Clip Art Maps

Bosina, Georgia, Kyrgystan, Ukraine, just some of the new editable clip art countries we have been working on. We have about 25 that have been in production for a while. We have done the Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint and JPG versions. It just takes a while to get them all set. Along with these is a World Mercator Map with county names, this has been on but not the CD, it will in the next release.

One of the interesting maps that has been selling alot lately has been our US National County maps. This map has over 3,000 counties on it. A change that we will be adding to the CD will be this map with the county names in place. This is a big complex map but many customers work with it and it is very popular. In both Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint. Names will only be on the Illustrator version.

Above is our Azerbaijan map.

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