Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coloring a State or Country in a PowerPoint Slide

Today’s lesson from Maps for Design is about coloring map elements in your PowerPoint Clip Art Maps.

1. Click or Select the state or country that you want to color with the mouse pointer by clicking on it. On the PC use the right button of the mouse, on the Mac just click with the mouse.

You can tell something is selected because you will see 8 little boxes or handles appear around the edges, this tells you the object has been selected and you can now do something to it.

2. Choose a color from the Fill Bucket in the Drawing Tool Bar usually located along the bottom of the PowerPoint slide. Or choose a color from the Colors, Weights and Fills option in the Format Palette. This Palette is located in the VIEW pull down menu.

3. When done deselect by clicking off the image and start on your next one.

TIP. Holding down the Shift Key on your keyboard allows you to select and change several objects at the same time to make the project go faster.

Every object in PowerPoint is made up of a fill color and an outline or stroke color, both can be changed independently of each other.

To review our How To Videos please click this link or copy it into the address section of your web browser.

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