Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re: Part 1: Dividing a State, County or Country in Half to Show Two Sales Territories

> The object of this lesson from World of Maps is to divide a state,
> county or country map in half and assign it different colors to
> show two territories. This will be a two part email lesson.
> PowerPoint isn't really a drawing program but we have found a
> couple of ways of doing this.
> Option 1
> 1. Our first option is to use the EDIT POINTS Tool. The first step
> is to duplicate the object. Copy the state or county and paste it
> right on top or on the side of the existing state so that you can
> work on it.
> 2. Select the state with your mouse pointer; watch for the eight
> little handles to tell you it is selected.
> 3. Go to the DRAW Pop-Up menu in the Drawing Tool Bar and select
> EDIT POINTS, you will now see all of the drawing points or handles
> that make up that map.
> 4. While you hold down the Control key on the PC or the Option key
> on the Mac, you click on each point with the mouse pointer and
> start deleting the little points.
> 5. The object is to nibbling away the area you want to delete while
> your work your way around the edge. You end up at some point with a
> part of the state. Don't worry it goes faster than you think.
> 6. Give it its own color and stroke or line and place it on top of
> the original map. And presto you have a state that looks to the
> viewer like you have cut it in half. But in reality it is made up
> of two pieces, a full state and half state lying on top.
> TIP: Use the Zoom pop-up box in the Standard Toolbar to get in
> closer. 200% or 300% works well.
> Video
> To review our How-To-Videos please click this link on the link in the
> upper left corner to the How -To Page
> About the Maps
> World of Maps is a collection of royalty free, editable MS
> PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator EPS clip art maps. The maps are
> perfect for sales and marketing presentations, showing sales
> territories and regions, advertising, graphic design, building maps
> for websites, craft and scrapbook projects, developing a map
> worksheet for a class, anywhere a royalty free map is needed.
> Collection includes: World Projections, USA, States, County,
> Countries, World Regions, and Global maps. Each state, country or
> block of text is an individual element that can be customized,
> changed, deleted, or colored however you like.
> Maps are sold individually at or on a
> subscription basis at Immediate download
> to your computer, or on CD-Rom.

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